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Pride Mountain Vineyards sits high atop Napa Valley's Spring Mountain, at the site of the historic Summit Ranch, where wine grapes have been grown since 1885. Our beautiful estate includes wine caves dug deep into the mountains and the ruins of the old stone Summit Winery dating to 1890. As you walk the vineyards, there are 360-degree views with Mount St. Helena and the Vaca Mountains to the north and east and the Sonoma Coastal Ranges to the west and south. It's simply breathtaking.

There is another unique and interesting feature to the Pride estate. At the crest of the Mayacamas Mountains, we are on the Napa-Sonoma county line. For this reason, our wines often carry a Napa-Sonoma designation. Most of the wines are estate, but because we rest in two AVAs, we cannot put the "Estate" moniker on our wines. Far from regional blends, Pride wines are emblematic of our mountaintop terroir and unique position both within two counties and also as a place unto ourselves.

While it may take a little work to discover our secluded estate, the quality of the wines, uniqueness of the property, and inimitable hospitality shown to our guests has ingratiated us to many a wine lover. As a result, demand for our wines is quite high and they are often allocated to restaurants. If we are unable to fulfill your request at the time of inquiry, we would be happy to work with our distributor to add you to the wait list.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Pride Mountain Vineyards!

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Current release wines that may be available through our wholesale partners include:

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PMV Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Our eighty-five vineyard acres are draped across the gentle rolling crest of the Mayacamas Mountains, some 2000 feet above the floor of the Napa Valley. This distinctive mountaintop orientation, with dynamic aspects and a range of soil formations, greatly influences the inimitable Pride Mountain style of wines. Read more about our Vineyards and Winery.

Download: PMV Vinyeard Map

Download: PMV Bird's Eye View

PMV Winery & Tasting Room

Winery & Tasting Room

Built from the ground up in 1998 and reminiscent of California's historic ranches, the winery and tasting room are where old meets new.  In winemaking, we combine traditional artisanal practices with modern science to craft the finest wines our estate can produce. In our trade, consumer, and vendor relationships, we value honesty and sincerity, continually striving to offer the best service and guest experiences we can provide.

Download: PMV Winery & Tasting Room

PMV County Line Arch

One Ranch - Two Counties

The Napa / Sonoma County line runs through our estate vineyards, across the crushpad and up to the cave doors.  As a result, many of our labels indicate a percentage from each county, even though the vines that provided the fruit may have been mere feet from each other. The arch was installed in early 2020 to indicate the two sides of the county line and has become a very popular photo op.  #oneranchtwocounties

Download: PMV County Line Arch

PMV Caves


Dug between 1999 and 2001, our caves meander around huge volcanic boulders nestled in the clay-filled mountaintop behind the winery. 20 to 50 feet below the surface, they cover 23,000 square feet and are home to some 2,400 barrels.  Natural evaporation and condensation processes self-regulate both the humidty and temperature to provide the ideal environment for barrel aging our red wines.  The wood and the wine also make them smell amazing.

Download: PMV Caves

PMV Ghost Winery

Summit Winery

Our historic property was first planted to grapes in the late 1800's and the Summit Winery was built by an industrious San Francisco businessman in 1890.  Fire destroyed most of it during Prohibition, suspiciously some say, and it was left in disrepair for decades.  When Jim and Carolyn Pride purchased the property in 1989, the area was the ranch dump and one of the first things they did was clean it up. The "Ghost Winery" is now surrounded by a beautiful park and quietly hints at what life was like in an earlier time.

Download: PMV Ghost Winery



Our fully benefitted vineyard team of about 15 men works closely with Steve Pride and Vineyard Foreman Jose Castro to create the best possible growing conditions here on our mountaintop property. This hands-on work results in each and every vine being touched at least a dozen times throughout the year, from winter pruning (shown here) through harvest.

Download: Viticulture

PMV Guest Experience

Visiting PMV

In many ways, the guest experience is the culmination of all our efforts.  Welcoming visitors to the winery allows us to share a literal taste of our mountaintop property and showcase what has come of all of the decisions we've made in the vineyard, at the crushpad, and in the cellar.  When people choose to spend time with us, we're honored, and our wine educators feel a great responsibility to make each visit educational, memorable and fun. 

Download: PMV Guest Experience

Steve Pride's Photo

Steve Pride

Director of Winegrowing & CEO


Steve has been responsible for guiding Pride Mountain Vineyards since 2004. As both the Director of Winegrowing and CEO, he involves himself in all aspects of the business from viticulture to winemaking, from management to marketing.  But his main focus each day is in leading the farming practices on the winery’s 85 acres of vines.  Steve is also proud of contributing to and promoting the general spirit that permeates Pride Mountain Vineyards, in which the entire staff places a priority on being concerned for the well-being and happiness of everybody they come in contact with: guests, long-term customers, new customers, vendors, other professional relations, colleagues and to the greater community in which they live.


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Matt Ward's Photo

Matt Ward



Born and raised in the Midwest, Matt followed his dream of making wine to Northern California. Landing his first job in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley, he quickly rose through the production ranks before pursuing graduate studies in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. Upon receiving his Master of Science degree, he worked harvest at Screaming Eagle, then headed to New Zealand to lead a team at Craggy Range. Back in California for harvest 2017, Matt joined Atelier Melka, where he made wines for over 20 client wineries, managing over a hundred ferments each year from vineyards across all of Napa and Sonoma.  As associate winemaker to his mentors, Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky, he produced some of the finest recent Napa and Sonoma wines, including an impressive number of 100-point critical reviews for his distinct wines.  At this point in his winemaking journey, Matt was ready to find a single estate winery to call home and the opportunity to join our team presented itself at just the right time. 

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Tim Bouchet's Photo

Tim Bouchet

Napa Valley Ambassador

A native Californian, Tim was born in Sacramento and moved to the Napa Valley when he was five years old. In his late teens, an opportunity to spend four years in Andalusia, Spain piqued his interest in food and wine. Upon returning home, Tim spent the next two decades of his life absorbing all he could from the chefs and sommeliers he worked with while managing some of the area's finest restaurants. In addition to being the director of Pride's successful retail sales and hospitality program, Tim managed the winery's relationships with its restaurant and retail partners in the Napa Valley for over 20 years. 

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Yohannah Burmeister's Photo

Yohannah Burmeister

Director of National Sales

Yohannah joined the team at Pride as Director of National Sales in 2020, bringing with her 15 years of sales and leadership experience with California wineries, European importers, and wholesalers. Her passion for wine developed while working in restaurants as a UC Berkeley undergrad. Searching for a career that could sate her never-ending curiosity and wanderlust, the wine industry was a natural fit. In 2009, she achieved her Advanced Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers and, in 2015, passed the Diploma with Merit from the WSET. In 2020, she was accepted into the prestigious Masters of Wine program. When not talking wine, she may be found in her organic backyard garden, paddle boarding, sipping Austrian Riesling, and snuggling her two rescue dogs.

Download: Yohannah Burmeister's Photo

Stuart Bryan's Photo


Stuart Bryan

Vintner Ambassador


Stuart joined Pride Mountain Vineyards in its earliest days and used the distributor network he'd developed through 10 years in national wine sales to help launch the brand. In 2014, after 30 years on the road, 20 of them for the family business, Stuart transitioned from his position as Director of National Sales to Vintner Ambassador and now represents us at key charitable events. From Red, White and Snow, to the Nantucket Wine Festival, and from Emeril Lagasse's Carnival du Vin to the Napa Valley's own V-Foundation Wine Celebration, Stuart is a well-known and welcome presence. Closer to home, Stuart also serves on the Sonoma County Vintners Board of Directors.

Download: Stuart Bryan's Photo

PMV in the Winter

PMV in Winter

Winters are damp and chilly, but just because the vines are dormant doesn't mean there isn't plenty of work to do.  Our full-time year-round team of trabajadores del viñedo start pruning as soon as the weather will allow and the wine team spends countless hours racking, steaming, and working on blends.  

Download: PMV in the Winter

PMV in the Spring

PMV in Spring

Spring on the mountaintop is spectacular.  The hillsides are emerald green with pops of color provided by yellow mustard, poppies and calendula.  Buds start to swell and soon we begin to see the first new leaves on the vines.  As more wildlife starts to appear, the incredible evening song of the spring peepers by the pond leaves no doubt that the season has changed.

Download: PMV in the Spring

PMV in the Summer

PMV in Summer

Summer days at our elevation of 2,100 feet find us above the fog that often blankets the valley floor. This translates into more hours of sunshine and temperatures that rise gradually and evenly throughout the late morning and early afternoon.  At the warmest point of the day, we are generally 5 to 10 degrees cooler than our friends down the hill.  These conditions greatly contribute to the high quality fruit grown on our mountaintop property.

Download: PMV in the Summer

PMV in Fall

PMV in Fall

Golden fall days and the excitement of harvest go hand in hand. As cool spring weather delays bud break for up to a month relative to much of Napa and Sonoma, our fruit ripens considerably later than on the valley floor. Ideally, we finish bringing in our fruit by late October, but there's no guarantee - there have even been a few years when we've picked on Thanksgiving day!  

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