From Highway 101

Take 101 North to Santa Rosa. Take the Sonoma-Sebastopol / Highway 12 exit. Stay to the right following the Highway 12 toward Sonoma signs. Go 1.4 miles to the stoplight at Farmer's Lane. Turn left on Farmer's Lane. Go .9 miles in the right hand lane to Highway 12. Turn right on Highway 12 (signs will also say Valley of the Moon and Sonoma Highway). Go 2.4 miles to Calistoga Road. Turn left on Calistoga Road and drive 3.3 miles to St. Helena Road. Turn right on St. Helena Road and drive 6.1 miles to the ranch driveway. There is a sign at the bottom of the driveway that says "Pride."

Note to Guests Coming from Highway 101
We advise against using GPS from the Santa Rosa side of the hill as it may take you considerably out of the way in an effort to find more major roads.

From Highway 29

From Napa, take Highway 29 North to the third traffic light in St. Helena and turn left on Madrona Avenue. (From Calistoga, take Highway 29 South and turn right on Madrona Avenue at the first traffic light in St. Helena.) Go three blocks up Madrona and turn right on Spring Mountain Road (watch for the sign that says “Santa Rosa - 20 miles”). Drive roughly 6 miles up the mountain. The ranch driveway will be on the right, with a sign at the bottom that says "Pride".

Notes to Guests Coming from Highway 29
When approaching the traffic light on Highway 29 indicated above, the cross street which is named Madrona Avenue to the west is named Fulton Avenue to the east.

At the top of the mountain, there is a stripe across the road indicating that you are crossing the county line from Napa County into Sonoma County. Spring Mountain Road also changes to St. Helena Road at this point and an un-named road bears off to the right (you’ll see lots of mailboxes and winery signs here). Ignore the stripe and don’t turn right! As Spring Mountain/St. Helena Road begins to go downhill (yes, you’re now in Sonoma County) you’ll see our driveway on the right about a half a mile from the county line.

GPS users, please enter "4026 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena, CA" then look for the sign that says, "Pride Mountain Vineyards, 1/2 Mile" when you reach the mailboxes at the top of the mountain. Continue on Spring Mountain/St. Helena Road as indicated above, ignoring your GPS when it tells you to turn back.

Please click here for a PDF version (PDF, 66 KB) that you can print and take with you.